Tipping Flatbed Trailer

Elevate your hauling experience with Wrangler's Tipping Flatbed Trailer, the powerhouse designed to handle your heavy-duty loads effortlessly. With a generous 3.5-tonne capacity and a robust 150mmx50mm chassis frame, this trailer is built for strength and durability, providing you with the reliability you need for your hauling tasks.

Choose from various sizes, including 10x7, 12x7, and 14x7, to match your specific needs. The standout feature of this trailer is its 5-stage hydraulic ram, which enables effortless tipping for quick unloading. The 3mm removable sides offer versatility in cargo handling, while all-terrain wheels, Landcruiser stud pattern, 60mm solid axles, and LED rear taillights ensure a safe and reliable journey.

With a heavy-duty jockey stand, standard toolbox, and fully galvanised construction, this trailer is your dependable partner in tackling diverse hauling challenges.


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  • 3.5T Capacity
  • 150mmx50mm Chassis Frame
  • Sizes Available: 10x7, 12x7, 14x7
  • 5 Stage Hydraulic Ram
  • 3mm Removable Sides
  • All Terrain Wheels 15"
  • Spare Wheel
  • 300mm Removable Drop Sides
  • Landcruiser Stud Pattern
  • 60mm Solid Axles
  • LED Rear Taillights
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Stand
  • Toolbox - Standard
  • Fully Galvanised
  • 3 Months Licensing


  • Solar Panel for Battery Charging
  • Removable Cage 700mm
  • Removable Cage 600mm
  • Underdeck Ramps 1500mm
  • Bluetooth ElecBrakes Unit
  • Licensing Inspection

Tipper Trailer Features

Flatbed Tipping Trailer Underdeck Ramps.
Underdeck Ramps
Tipping Trailer R15 Wheels and Galvanised Body
R15 Wheels and Galvanised Body
5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder for Tipper Trailer.
5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder
Stock Crate Gates on tipper trailer.
Stock Crate Gates
Spare Wheel
Spare Wheel
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