Haul Anything, Effortlessly: The Wrangler Tipping Flatbed Trailer

Unleash your ultimate hauling capabilities with the Wrangler Tipping Flatbed Trailer. This flattop tipper trailer powerhouse is built to conquer even the most demanding jobs, with a massive 3.5-tonne ATM capacity and a rock-solid 150mm x 50mm drawbar frame. Forget about flimsy trailers; this Wrangler Tipping Trailer is all about strength and long-lasting performance. 

Find the perfect fit with a choice of sizes (10x7, 12x7, and 14x7) to match your hauling needs. But the real game-changer is the 5-stage hydraulic ram. This ingenious feature makes unloading a breeze – simply tip the bed and watch your cargo effortlessly flow out. 

Unparalleled versatility comes standard with our trailers for sale. Removable 300mm sides let you customise your hauling experience, while all-terrain wheels conquer any terrain. The Landcruiser stud pattern, 65mm solid axles, and LED rear taillights guarantee a smooth and safe ride, no matter the journey. 

Built to last, built for you. This trailer boasts a heavy-duty jockey stand, a standard toolbox, and a fully galvanised construction. It's your dependable partner, ready to tackle any hauling challenge you throw its way. 

Plus, financing options are available, so you can make your dream trailer a reality, today. 


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  • 3.5T ATM Capacity
  • 150mmx50mm Drawbar Frame
  • Sizes Available: 10x7, 12x7, 14x7
  • 5 Stage Hydraulic Ram
  • 3mm Removable Sides
  • All Terrain Wheels 15"
  • Spare Wheel
  • 300mm Removable Drop Sides
  • Landcruiser Stud Pattern
  • 65mm Solid Axles
  • LED Rear Taillights
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Stand
  • Toolbox - Standard
  • Fully Galvanised
  • 3 Months Licensing


  • Solar Panel for Battery Charging
  • Removable Cage 700mm
  • Underdeck Ramps (Rated 1.5T) 1500mm
  • Bluetooth ElecBrakes Unit
  • Licensing Inspection

Tipper Trailer Features

Flatbed Tipping Trailer Underdeck Ramps.
Underdeck Ramps
Tipping Trailer R15 Wheels and Galvanised Body
R15 Wheels and Galvanised Body
5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder for Tipper Trailer.
5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder
Stock Crate Gates on tipper trailer.
Stock Crate Gates
Spare Wheel
Spare Wheel


Here are some of the benefits of using a flattop tipper trailer (also called flatbed tipper trailers, flat top tippers): 

Versatility: They can be used for a wide variety of hauling tasks, from transporting landscaping materials to hauling construction debris. 

Easy loading and unloading: The flat deck and hydraulic tipping mechanism make loading and unloading quick and easy. 

Efficiency: The ability to unload by gravity saves time and labour. 

Large capacity: The flat deck provides a lot of space for cargo. 


WHAT ARE Flattop tipper trailers?

Flattop tipper trailers are a type of trailer that combines a flatbed deck with a hydraulic tipping mechanism. This design makes them ideal for hauling and unloading loose materials like gravel, sand, or mulch.  

Unlike traditional trailers where you have to shovel or manually unload materials, tipping trailers use hydraulics to lift the bed, conveniently dumping the contents at the touch of a button. This saves time, effort, and protects your back! 

The flat deck of the trailer provides a spacious area for loading cargo. There are no wheel arches on the deck, which maximises the available space and makes it easier to load and unload bulky items.  

The hydraulic tipping mechanism allows the trailer bed to be raised to a certain angle, so that the contents can be unloaded by gravity.   

Flat top tipper trailers are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. When choosing a trailer, it is important to consider the type of materials you will be hauling and the weight capacity you will need. 

Tipper trailers are also available with different features, such as removable stock crate gates, cages underdeck ramps, and more. 

Flat Top Trailers In Perth 

Tipping Flatbed Trailers: A Farmer's Best Friend 

For farmers, efficiency is key. That's where a premium tipping flatbed trailer comes in. These versatile trailers are built tough to handle the demanding tasks of farm life, making them a valuable asset for any farm operation. Here's how they can benefit you: 

Effortless Unloading: One of the biggest advantages is the hydraulic tipping mechanism. No more shovelling tons of materials – simply tip the bed and watch your load, like grain, manure, or mulch, effortlessly unload. This saves you time, reduces strain on your back, and lets you get back to other tasks quicker. 

Versatility is King: These trailers come in various sizes, from those perfect for small jobs around the homestead to heavy-duty models for large-scale operations. You can also choose flatbed options or models with removable sides for added flexibility. Need to haul hay bales? No problem. Transporting firewood? Easy. 

Hauling Livestock Feed: Transporting large quantities of feed for your animals is a breeze with a tipping trailer. Simply load it up at the feed store and then easily unload it into your storage bins or feeders. 

Built to Withstand Farm Work: Farms are tough environments, and Wrangler Flattop Tipper Trailers are built to match. They typically feature robust steel frames, durable axles, and puncture-resistant tires that can handle rough terrain and heavy loads. Additionally, all trailers have full hot-dip galvanised finishes for weather resistance, making them ideal for year-round use. 

Effortless Manure and Compost Hauling: One of the biggest chores on a farm is moving manure and compost. With a tipping trailer, you can simply load it up with your tractor or skid steer, then hydraulically tip the bed to unload directly into a spreader or pile.  

Safety First: Look for features like secure latches, safety chains, and reliable brakes to ensure safe operation, especially when hauling on uneven ground. Some models even offer LED lighting for better visibility during low-light conditions. 

By investing in a Wrangler flattop tipper trailer, you're investing in efficiency and making your farm life a whole lot easier. 

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