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Cattle Yard Designs

Free-flow of stock & minimal handler input

Wrangler Cattle Stockyards

Introducing the Wrangler Tough Cattle Stockyards – where rugged meets reliability in the heart of the Australian outback. Our cattle yard panels, gates, and man gates are built with unparalleled strength and precision to withstand the harshest conditions nature can throw at them.

Crafted with durability in mind, our heavy-duty panels are designed to handle even the toughest livestock, providing a safe and secure environment for your cattle. Each panel is meticulously constructed using high-quality galvanised steel, offering unbeatable protection against rust, corrosion, and wear, ensuring they stand the test of time.

So, if you seek premium cattle yard panels, gates, and man gates that can handle the Aussie outback with ease, look no further than Wrangler Stockyards. Trust us to safeguard your livestock and investment while you focus on what you do best – raising healthy and happy cattle.


Cattle 34

Experience efficient cattle handling with our stockyards designed for hobbyists. Holding approximately 34 head of cattle, these stockyards are built to maximize productivity while minimising labor input, making your cattle management a breeze.

cattle 56

Cattle 56

Effortlessly manage your cattle with our stockyards accommodating approximately 56 head. Incorporate a cattle crush for easy access and a 2-way draft system, these yards ensure smooth handling and efficient sorting for your herd.


Cattle 71

Experience seamless cattle handling with our stockyards designed for approximately 71 head. Include a Wrangler Cattle Crush for demanding tasks, multiple sorting pens, and a forcing pen, these yards minimize handler input and maximise efficiency.


Cattle 125

Elevate your cattle program with our stockyards designed for approximately 125 head. Equip this set with a Wrangler Cattle Crush, 4 sorting pens, a forcing pen, and a lead-up race, minimise handler input and achieve optimal efficiency.


Cattle 200

For the large cattleman, the Cattle 200 stockyards hold approximately 200 head. Including a cattle crush for demanding tasks and a central forcing pen, these yards provide efficient handling. Choose the crush that suits your needs and take control of your cattle operations.


Cattle 400

The C400 is our most prized set of stockyards... Consisting of a 360-degree Rotating Force Tub and our WS1100 Cattle Crush. 6m Fully Sheeted Adjustable Ramp. This Yard Set is designed for the larger operation.


Cattle 600

The Wrangler cattle 600 set is one like no other... With a bugle shaped lead up, into a 360-degree rotating forced tub. Consisting of 10 pens, all in conjunction with a diamond set. Coupled with a WS1100 and 6m Adjustable Ramp


Cattle 1200

The Ultimate Setup. Consisting of 15 holding pens and a snake-type lead-up, this set is catered for the feedlot/large operation. Multiple Drafting pens and smooth flow are the underpinnings of this set. Coupled with a WS1100 Crush and a 6m Fully Adjustable Ramp, 360 Degree Force Tub.

Optional Additions

The Final Touches


360 Degree Rotary Tub Force

Full 360-degree Cattle Rotating Force Tub provides for a smooth flow of cattle in the yards and in the lead-up to the race. Safety is the priority here.

Loading ramp2

Loading Ramps

Full Adjustable Cattle Ramp allows ease of stock loading in and out. Heavy Duty Galvanised. Adjustable Height to suit all cartage vehicles. 3.6m/6m Ramp (Fully Sheeted).

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