WS950 Cattle Crush

Unveil the versatility of the Wrangler WS950, your ultimate all-rounder cattle crush. With features like a welded floor, weigh scale/load bar readiness, a single parallel squeeze, and the renowned Wrangler Lock Headbail, this crush ensures your livestock handling is efficient and hassle-free.

Providing full vet access, sliding headbail arm and handle, heavy-duty rear sliding door, rump bar, and Wrangler green side sheeting, it's designed to meet your diverse needs. Weighing in at 950kg, it's a powerhouse of durability and functionality, making it the perfect choice for farmers seeking an all-in-one cattle handling solution.

Trust Wrangler to provide you with the equipment that simplifies your livestock management and ensures the well-being of your cattle.


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  • Welded Floor
  • Weight Scale/Load Bar Ready
  • Single Parallel Squeeze
  • Wrangler Lock Headbail
  • Full Vet Access & Side Doors
  • Sliding Headbail Arm & Handle
  • Heavy Duty Rear Sliding Door
  • Rump Bar
  • Wrangler Green Side Sheeting
  • Weight: 950kg


  • Load Bars/Indicator
  • Tru Test/Gallagher
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