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Wrangler Sheep Yards

Welcome to Wrangler's Sheep Yard Designs – where innovation meets practicality in creating efficient and safe facilities for your sheep. Explore our tailored solutions designed to streamline your sheep management, ensuring a stress-free and productive experience on the farm.

At Wrangler, we understand the unique challenges that come with sheep handling, and our experts are dedicated to crafting efficient, safe, and productive facilities that cater to your specific farm needs. With a range of customisable options and a commitment to quality, our sheep yard designs are not just structures; they're your key to enhancing your on-farm operations, ensuring the well-being of your flock, and maximising your productivity.

sheep yard 380

Sheep Yard 380

With a capacity to hold approximately 350-400 head of sheep, these stockyards offer a perfect balance between size and functionality.

sheep yard 650

Sheep Yard 600

Experience streamlined sheep handling with our stockyards designed to hold approximately 600 head of sheep. Efficient flow ensures shorter days in the yards, optimising productivity and minimizing stress on both you and your flock. With 6 Holding Pens and a Drenching Race, this yard set is ready to go.

sheep yard 1100

Sheep Yard 1100

Elevate your sheep program with our stockyards holding approximately 1100 head. Designed for maximum productivity and efficiency, these stockyards minimise labor input, allowing you to focus on growing your program effectively. Consisting of 7 Holding Pens, Drenching race and a 3way Draft system.

sheep yard 2250

Sheep Yard 2250

Step into a new era of sheep farming with our stockyards built for larger farmers, accommodating 2200 head. Unleash productivity and efficiency with streamlined drafting pens and couple the set with an auto sheep drafter; take your program to new heights! Consisting of 9 holding pens, bugle shaped forcing area, drenching race, 4.2m 3-Way Draft.

sheep yard 3000


Sheep Yard 3000

Ultimate sheep handling with our new and improved Sheep Yard 3000
Boasting 10 Individual Pens, a 7.5m 3-Way Drafting Race and Drafting Drench Race also, this sheep yard set will hold up to 3,000hd and work comfortably 1,800head. Throw in a Wrangler Sheep Auto Drafter and you have a serious sheep yard setup ready to work for you!

Optional Additions

The Final Touches

Partner your yard set with a Wrangler Auto Sheep Drafter & Handler and a Loading Ramp to maximise ultimate productivity.

Loading ramp

3-Way Drafts

Smooth, Quiet, and Heavy Duty are all functions of our 3-Way Draft Systems. Including a 2.2m or 4.2m V-Race, our 3-Way Drafts will have your sheep drafting more accurate than ever.

Loading ramp

Loading Ramps

Fully Adjustable Sheep Loading Ramps critical to a stress-free loading out process; this involves having a smooth and strong ramp. 2 options available. Fully Sheeted and Fully Adjustable


Wrangler Sheep Handler

The Wrangler Sheep Handler revolutionises sheep handling with cutting-edge technology, streamlining operations and reducing labor input.

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