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Free-flow of stock & minimal handler input

Wrangler Sheep Yards

Designed by Aussie farmers for Aussie farmers, our sheep yard designs ensure a free-flow of stock & minimal sheep handler input. 

Choosing a well-crafted and comprehensive sheep yard, designed to be fully effective on your farm will make it easier on farmers and workers, meaning smoother days (and less shouting)! 

Our sheep yard designs are a base set and will suit the majority of farms, however we will work with farmers to provide custom stockyard designs to fit into any area, or shearing sheds.  

With a range of customisable options and a commitment to quality, our custom sheep yard designs are not just structures; they're your key to enhancing your on-farm operations, ensuring the well-being of your flock and maximising your productivity. 

Wrangler's sheep yard designs are where innovation meets practicality, in creating efficient and safe facilities for your sheep.  

Explore our tailored sheep yard components and sheep handling system solutions designed to streamline your sheep management, ensuring a stress-free and productive experience on the farm. 

Efficiency gains = increased productivity = more profits! 

sheep yard 380

SHEEP YARD 380 (190 sqm)

With a capacity to hold approximately 350-400 head of sheep, these stockyards offer a perfect balance between size and functionality.

sheep yard 650

SHEEP YARD 600 (265 sqm)

Experience streamlined sheep handling with our sheep yards designed to hold approximately 600 head of sheep. Efficient flow ensures shorter days in the stockyards, optimising productivity and minimising stress on both you and your flock. With 6 holding pens and a drenching race, this sheep yard design is set and ready to go! 

sheep yard 1100

SHEEP YARD 1100 (460 sqm)

Elevate your sheep handling program with our stockyards holding approximately 1100 head of sheep. Designed for maximum productivity and efficiency, these sheep yards minimise labor input, allowing you to focus on growing your program effectively. This sheep yard design consists of 7 holding pens, sheep drenching race and a 3-way draft system. 

sheep yard 2250

SHEEP YARD 2250 (900 sqm)

Step into a new era of sheep farming with our stockyards built for larger farmers, accommodating 2200 head. Unleash productivity and efficiency with streamlined drafting pens and couple the set with an auto sheep drafter; take your program to new heights! Consisting of 9 holding pens, bugle shaped forcing area, drenching race, 4.2m 3-Way Draft. 

sheep yard 3000


SHEEP YARD 3000 (1,500 sqm)

Experience the ultimate in sheep handling with our new and improved Sheep Yard 3000. Boasting 10 individual pens, a 7.5 m 3-way drafting race and sheep drafting drench race also, this yard set will hold up to 3,000 head of sheep and work comfortably 1,800 head. Throw in a Wrangler Stockyards sheep auto drafter and you have a serious sheep yard setup, ready to work for you! 



Sheep yards are typically constructed from metal panels and gates and are designed to be low stress for the sheep. They often incorporate features such as curved fencing which follows the natural instinct of sheep to travel in a circular pattern. This makes it easier to move sheep through the yards, without spooking them. Other common elements of a sheep yard design include forcing pens, crowding pens, and shearing sheds. 

Some of the benefits of a well-designed sheep yard include efficient and safe sheep handling, reduced stress on sheep, improved farm worker safety, increased sheep farmer productivity biosecurity in sheep yards and more. 

Some of the attributes that Wrangler yard designs feature include: 

BUGLE SHAPE DESIGN flowing into drenching race and 3-way drafting races, allowing for smooth flow and effective backing up of sheep. 

EXTENDED 3-WAY DRAFT AND ANTI-BACKING FLAPS ensure no sheep will baulk at drafting gates, allowing for streamlined drafting.  

ERGONOMIC HANDLES on drafting gates ensure more comfortable days in the yards for farmers and farm workers. 

SILENCER PADS on drafting gates to avoid noisy metal gates. This maintains a quieter and more comfortable working environment for the animals and handlers. 

V SHAPE - our 3-way draft also is a tapered V shape, so as sheep run through the race it will be essentially 1 - by - 1 and ensures no multiples through the race.  

MULTIPLE HOLDING PENS AND DRAFTING PENS will allow for maximum sheep mob numbers and efficient handling. 

DOUBLE ENTRY GATES into sheep yards prevent backing out of mobs, ensuring larger numbers are able to freely enter yards.  

SEMI-PERMANENT RELOCATABLE PANELS can be adjusted to suit any size and footprint on farm providing the ultimate flexibility for those days in the yards where additional pens need to be amended or created.  

PERMANENT SOLUTION - alternatively once the final design of the yard set is determined and suited to your processes, permanent posts can easily be concreted in and added to panels/gates using the yard pins, creating a fully permanent sheep stockyard.  

SUITED FOR PEDESTRIAN ACCESS P/A gates can be added throughout the yards so farmers don’t need to awkwardly climb over panels. 

BOLTED 3 WAY DRAFTING RACE - can be bolted down to concrete pads for a permanent fitting.  

YARD PINS - We have our specially design ‘wrangler yard pins’ which have an outer layer of rubber on the metal pins, ensuring quiet days in the yards with the sheep, and no clunking loud metal gates and panels! 

When designing a sheep yard, it is important to consider the flow of sheep through the yard. The yard should be designed in a way that minimises stress on the sheep and makes it easy for the farmer to move them from one area to another. 

At Wrangler Stockyards, we understand the unique challenges that come with sheep handling and our experts are dedicated to crafting efficient, safe, and productive facilities and sheep handling equipment that caters to your specific farm needs.  



Sheep yards are enclosures specifically designed for the handling and management of sheep. They are a vital component of any sheep operation, used for a variety of tasks such as shearing, vaccinating, sorting, and loading for transport. 

There are many different designs of sheep yards, from small, portable yards for handling a handful of sheep to large, permanent yards that can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of animals. The size and complexity of the sheep yard will depend on the size and type of your sheep handling operation. 

Here are some of the factors to consider when designing a sheep yard: 

  • The number of sheep you will be handling. Small yards may only be able to hold a few dozen sheep, while large yards can hold hundreds or even thousands of sheep. 
  • The types of procedures you will be performing in the yard (shearing, vaccinating, etc.) 
  • The amount of space you have available. 
  • Your budget. 


Partner your sheep yard set with a Wrangler Auto Sheep Drafter and Handler, and a Loading Ramp to maximise ultimate productivity! 

Loading ramp

3-Way Drafts

Smooth, quiet, and heavy duty are all functions of our 3-way draft systems. Including a 2.2m or 4.2m V-race, our 3-way drafts will have your sheep drafting more accurate than ever. 

Loading ramp

Loading Ramps

Fully adjustable sheep loading ramps are critical to a stress-free loading out process. This involves having a smooth and strong ramp. We have 2 options available, fully sheeted and fully adjustable. 


Wrangler Sheep Handler

The Wrangler Sheep Handler revolutionises sheep handling with cutting-edge technology, streamlining operations and reducing labor input! 


Sheep yards are versatile tools that significantly contribute to the efficiency, safety, and well-being of both sheep and farmers. Here are some benefits of sheep yards and the advantages they have for farmers. 

IMPROVED SHEEP HANDLING: Yards provide a controlled environment for sorting, vaccinating, shearing, and loading sheep. This allows farmers to work more efficiently and safely with their flock, which can save time and labor costs. 

REDUCED STRESS ON SHEEP: Well-designed yards minimise stress on sheep by using curved fences and familiar pathways, which can contribute to easier sheep handling by providing them with a safe and calm environment. 

IMPROVED WORKER SAFETY: Yards keep both sheep and workers separated, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries during procedures. 

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: By streamlining animal handling, sheep yards allow farmers to get more done in less time. This translates to increased efficiency and profitability of the farm. 

BETTER ANIMAL CARE: Yards can be designed to incorporate features like footbaths for parasite control or shearing sheds for fleece collection, contributing to the overall well-being of the sheep. 

IMPROVED ANIMAL SORTING: Dividing the yard into multiple pens allows for efficient separation of sheep based on age, sex, breed, or health status. This facilitates targeted management practices. 

BIOSECURITY MEASURES: Yards can be used as designated areas for implementing biosecurity protocols, like footbaths for disinfection or quarantine pens for new arrivals, helping to prevent the spread of diseases within the flock. 

EFFICIENT RECORD KEEPING: Yards can be a centralized location for weighing sheep, marking them for identification, or administering vaccinations. This simplifies record-keeping and animal management. 

REDUCED LABOR COSTS: By enabling efficient handling and minimising stress on the animals, sheep yards can potentially reduce the number of workers needed for certain tasks, leading to lower labor costs. 


Wrangler is your one stop shop for high quality sheep handling equipment. 

Take your farm to the next level, increase your efficiency and reduce the stress on your team and your animals.  

We provide a wide range of sheep yard designs, 3-way drafts and v-race, sheep loading ramps and sheep handlers. 

The local Perth and WA team at Wrangler Stockyards & Trailers are waiting for your enquiry and look forward to providing you a customised and tailored solution. 

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